True schizophrenia is a massive collection of these drawn stories. Schizophrenic artists were the only ones to draw these sick pictures. All these images, art works and comics have been drawn during their long-term mental psychological treatment in mental facilities. That�s why the dirtiest and most sinful of all the imaginable fantasies are shown here. Sickness might be dangerous, but the sight of it gets everybody excited as hell and surely you�ll like it!

During the show time this elephant saw how sexy his animal-tamer was. He began to caress her pussy. Then moment he fucked her in front of the public. It was a great show!




Title: A case in circus
Amount of pictures: 10

Title: Corrida de torros
Amount of pictures: 10

A big bull attacked this sexy lady in red dress. He tore her dress to pieces. Then he penetrated the woman with his huge penis. It was the first time when she was fucked so hard!



Young beautiful woman came to zoo-shop. She didn`t know what kind of animal she wanted, but she definitely wanted something new and exotic... Well, mad monkey has attacked her right in the shop. The monkey has fucked her very rough. Then the monkey ran away and left the most unusual impressions in woman's life.

Title: Zooshop
Amount of pictures: 10

Title: Time to fuck!
Amount of pictures: 10

This girl is watching TV with her dog. A few minutes later she wants to be fucked by her big doggy. She sucks big doggy`s penis which will penetrate her young pussy. That`s nice time to hardcore!


A horny girl is walking in the forest. She is very sexy. She comes across two rams. Rams are alone and want to fuck somebody. After some short acquaintance this sexy trio begins a group fucking.


Title: Double penetration
Amount of pictures: 15


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